Experience Authentic Mediterranean Recipes and Delicious Mediterranean Food

Authentic Mediterranean recipes stem from culinary traditions still followed to a large extent by the Mediterranean peoples that have lived for millennia around the magnetic Mediterranean Sea.

The cooking traditions of the diverse Mediterranean cuisines were never called Mediterranean diet until the 20th century. They were simply Italian cuisine, Lebanese cuisine, Greek cuisine and so on.

They are still individual cuisines but beyond the Mediterranean they have become famous under the Mediterranean diet umbrella.

Many people from far away places think that the Mediterranean diet is some kind of health diet that you use to cure certain conditions. When followed correctly, it can certainly help to improve your overall health, and we are not the ones making it up, but first and foremost it is a culinary tradition.

In any case, study after study confirm that Mediterranean diet recipes can boost your health and well-being and many prestigious health organizations and governments endorse and recommend it.

However, we chose to concentrate on the cooking and gastronomical aspect of the Mediterranean diet, the dishes and meals eaten regularly by the Mediterranean peoples that still understand the great value of traditional Mediterranean food.

Mediterranean Olive Tree Under A clouded Sky

The healthy aspect of the Mediterranean diet is there anyway as a nice bonus.

Actually we don’t have to overthink what we eat or how we eat. We ate like this when we were kids and we continue preparing traditional Mediterranean recipes because we love their taste and we know they are healthy.

We are not against experimenting, modernizing or adjusting Mediterranean food recipes to today’s tastes and needs, but there are certain fundamental principles, very simple, very basic actually, that you better follow if you want to benefit from authentic Mediterranean cuisines.

Mediterranean peoples have generally known how to celebrate life and enjoying Mediterranean food in a natural way is a very important side of the Mediterranean way of life. To us, it is much more fun and health boosting than agonizing about the exact amount of calories in desserts or antioxidants in vegetables.

Our mission is to share with our readers Mediterranean recipes that we like and love, and discuss aspects of Mediterranean food and the Mediterranean diet that we find interesting and helpful.

Join us in our Mediterranean foodie journey as we uncover delicious Mediterranean recipes and take the humble pleasures of the true Mediterranean diet to your table.

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